Cybersecurity Solutions for Toronto SMBs

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Protect everything you’ve built with COMPU-101’s diverse array of cybersecurity services and solutions

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Keeping your business safe from evolving online threats requires a great deal of resources, especially if your workforce doesn’t have current cybersecurity expertise. Why struggle to protect your network with guesswork and put your company at risk when you can partner with experienced cybersecurity specialists like those at COMPU-101? We provide your organization with cutting-edge, enterprise-grade network security solutions that protect your data and systems without breaking your budget.

Partner with us, and COMPU-101’s experienced team of cybersecurity specialists will monitor your IT network around the clock to stop attacks and intrusion attempts before they cause damage. We’ll also implement multiple layers of cybersecurity protection that keep you safe from all manner of online threats without interfering with your operations. With our security experts and powerful security tools defending your IT, you can work with confidence knowing cybercriminals can’t steal your data or hamper your operations.

COMPU-101’s cybersecurity solutions include:

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Don’t leave yourself open to litigation, fines, or the “front page.” If you’ve caught the news recently, you know that maintaining the security of your business data is tougher – and more critical – than ever. A security assessment from COMPU-101, (also called a “security audit” or “security review”), will ensure that proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment.

Our tested security assessment methodology includes:

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Your comprehensive security report, delivered on conclusion of the assessment, will include:

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